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Football or American football football or soccer

2022-07-01 22:06Football game video
Summary: How to say football in EnglishThe English of football is: football or soccer. Football (English [&39; f&650; tb&596; &720; l] American [&39; f&650; tb&596; l]) nForeigners
HoFootball or American football  football or soccerw to say football in English
The English of football is: football or soccer. Football (English [&\39; f&\650; tb&\596; &\720; l] American [&\39; f&\650; tb&\596; l]) nForeigners generally say that football refers to football or football
Football must be called soccer football in the United States, American football in New South Wales, Australia, and Australian football in Victoria, Australia. In fact, for foreigners, what they can kick with their feet is called football, as long as they know which country this foreigner comes fromDo Americans say football or American football
It means American football (like NFL, f is the abbreviation of football. Rugby will be called rugby. When it comes to football, it is usually represented by soccer
What are the two expressions of playing football English
American football; Rugby international football; International football soccer, English word, noun, when used as a noun, it means "football, football"Why is American football also called AmerFootball or American football  football or soccerican football? Where does this sport come from
The English of American football is "American football". Americans usually call American football football for short. Its English is not "American rugby". The reason why American football is also called American football is related to the origin of football, because American football evolved from footballWhat is the difference between soccer and football
In short, soccer refers to football; Football refers to football in American slang and football in English. The origin of the difference between the two: soccer is specially named by Americans for football to distinguish football, which is called football in the United States. Now the word football is more and more officialHow to write football in English
The writing method of American football is soccer. Generally speaking, if you write English, you can write football, but if you write it to Americans, it should be written as soccer, because football will be considered as football in the United States. The official languages of FIFAFootball or American football  football or soccer are English and French, Spanish, German and PortugueseDoes American football mean baseball or football
It refers to American football. In the United States, tFootball or American football  football or soccerhe English of football is soccer, not football. Soccer is also the pronunciation of Japanese footballFootball English
It is mainly used as a noun and verb. When used as a noun, it means "football, football", and when used as a verb, it means "playing football; playing football". Phrase Collocation: American football; American football; rugby. International football; International footballWhat is football English
Rugby Union, also known as rugby football, is also referred to as rugby in English. It is also translated into English football in China. Rugby League, American football (also known as American football) and Canadian football (Canada) also use olive balls
Football or American football football or soccer

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