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Football terminology hit

2022-07-01 21:24Football game video
Summary: Who knows more detailed English Chinese comparison of professional terms of American footballForward pass play forward pass tactics four point stance four down front row full back palace guard gridiro
Who knows more detailed English Chinese comparison of professional terms of American football
Forward pass play forward pass tactics four point stance four down front row full back palace guard gridirom football field safety man scrimmage scrimmage line scrimmage line scrum half forwardTranslation of American football terms
well a run is when a player goes through all the basese to score and i' m guessing it' s in the seventh inning. And one inning=six outs the above is explained by foreigners for me. Personally, I think it means the seventh set, leading by 2 points. ThisAn American football term for help ~ ~ urgent! There are points
The point guard is a position in football, like the point guard in basketball, who should have the ability to observe the game and pass the ball. a) Usually, the quarterback is the captain of the attacking team. The quarterback is like a lieutenant in the army. He must lead the team to implement the tactics assigned by the coach. Sometimes, the quarterback will judge the coach according to the situation on the fieldWhat are the basic rules and technical terms of football and what are the competitions
The basic rule is that the score is the same as that of all team competitive games. The team with more scores wins the football game. There are two traditional scoring methods: touch down and field goal. The attacker takes the ball all the way to the opponent's end line, which is called touch down, and gets 6 pointsRules and technical terms of touch football
Flag football? If so, in fact, all the rules and terms are the same. The only difference is to use the flag on your waist to replace the collision
What are the terms and rules of rugby sevens
4. In case of penalty kick, the kicking team can ask foFootball terminology hitr shooting, and the drop kick must be used in the 7-man football game. 10. Scoring method 1 Touchdown score; When the offensive team members first press the ball to the ground in the opposing polar array, they will score in the touchdown array. The score of touchdown is 5 points. 2. Punishment: if there are no atrocities of the other team membersSports terminology of rugby sevens
The team member of the kick-off party must stand behind the ball, and the team member of the other party must stand behind the 10 meter line in his own half, and the ball he plays must cross the 10 meter line of the other party. The kick-off rule of American football is: at the beginning of each quarter or after scoring, the kick-off party will kick off at the midpoint of 32 meters from its own side in the field. Fixed kick or drop kick can be usedThe rules of American football
Rugby game rules: the first ball played according to the rules after the kick-off game starts or scores. The kick-off rules of rugby football are: at the beginning of each half court, the kick-off team members make a fixed kick at the midpoint of the center line; After one side scores, the other side will kick at or behind the midpoint of the center lineAbout English^^
The fortieth key: being familiar with sports terms helps to communicate with foreigners. Americans not only love sports, but also watch various sports games, such as American football, baseball, tennis, basketball and boxing are all popular sportsHow to translate the following terms in football games
Breakthrough, adjustment (advance movement), joint defense, curl up, pass
Football terminology hit

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