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Customising the photographs is an ever lasting way of getting your message seen for minimal cost!


We are pleased to annouce that we now offer a unique way of displaying your message at minimal cost.

Along with customising your cameras, you can now customise the photographs taken!


We can place your logo and copy text on every developed exposure, therefore enabling your customer to remember your name and contact details for as long as they keep the photographs - forever !
We can make this copy text & images any size that you specify.


  If you have an existing image of your product, or service, we can add it to the other exposures developed so that your customer gets it as the first print.
This will ensure that your customer remembers you forever!

We can also supply a customised envelope to enable your clients to return the camera to us for Developing & Printing.

We now are able to Develop and Upload the photographs into the Web. They then can be downloaded, or emailed to anywhere in the World. This would therefore increase the opportunities to see your company's logo and contact details.


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