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Aerial Images

Aerial Images provides the finest quality commercial aerial photography without the need for either our client or ourselves to leave the ground.


Our unique high quality method of oblique aerial photography can be used in a wide range of sites

Estate Agents Private Housing & Commercial Property
Construction Sites At various stages, "before and after"
Traffic Surveys Still or time-lapse video
Zoos Animal photography with no disturbance to the animals
Surveying Boundary disputes
Tourist Attractions Publicity photographs, crowd control
Town Centres Publicity photographs, crowd control
Insurance Claims We can look into a building up to 75' high without entering the premises
Site Surveys Land purchase, planning, film locations
Legal Evidence Scene of crime / accident
Corporate Retail estate portfolio, publicity
Surveillance Very flexible, any location
Sport Golf Course plans, "hole layout"
Sport Boat, Action, personalised souvenirs
Restricted Air Space We can operate anywhere, e.g. Airports, City Centres, etc.
Agricultural Crop plans, subsidy applications, footpath disputes
Entertainment Festivals, outdoor events, plan & control
Town Planners Road, Buildings, Geographical features
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